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Stone Honeycomb Panel is one of lightweight building materials and with very good impact resistance. So it is extensively used for interior and exterior.

(1). For making Table Tops for home and restaurant, It keeps the table light enough to move easily while still providing the look of a thick stone.

01-Table Top.jpg   02-Table Top-04.jpg

(2). For making Counter Tops for luxury Boat Yacht,Motor Home,Aircraft and Marine etc.

Counter Top.jpg   Counter Top-02.jpg

(3). For Elevator's Walls and Floors.

Elevator-02.jpg   Elevator-01.jpg

(4). As Background Walls.

Background Wall-01.jpg   Background Wall-02.jpg

(5). As Partitions for Restrooms.

Partitions-01.jpg   Partitions-02.jpg

(6). For Column Envelope.

Column-01.jpg   Column-02.jpg

(7). For Interior and Exterior Wall Cladding.

Interior.jpg   exterior.jpg

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