Xiamen Honeycomb Stone Panels Co.,Ltd

Only premium quality materials were used by us to make honeycomb stone panels for our customers. All the materials
that used for making the products were through strict selection and control in the process.

Select and purchase blocks from quarries.
Cut blocks into slabs
Materials selected and labelled
Grinding the top skin sheet of the aluminum honeycomb panel,so that the epoxy can catch up the stone and aluminum
honeycomb panel together tightly.
Apply epoxy onto surface of aluminum honeycomb panel & stone first,then composite them together,
and put them into press equipments.
After epoxy cured,moving honeycomb stone panels out from press equipments,splitting them in the middle then
get 2 faces from each one panel.
Polished and cut the honeycomb stone panels to sizes as per dimensions of the order.
Packaging the products with wooden crates