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Honeycomb Stone Panels are also called "Stone Honeycomb Panels"
Company Description

Xiamen Honeycomb Stone Panels Co.,Ltd is an excellent China supplier specialized in Honeycomb Stone Panels,Stone Honeycomb Panels,Super Thin Stone Panels for interior and exterior wall projects for years.

Our factory located at Shuitou,Quanzhou,Fujian,China having a very good relation shipment with local stone industries.So it is very easy and convenient for us to get any colors of stone materials to make Stone Panels for our commercial and residential projects.

We selected and used only the highest quality stones and raw materials for our Stone Panels and can offer customer stone products in a huge variety of colors,texture finishes and sizes.With good technology,advance equipments and superior quality,our company have gotten good reputations at home and abroad,as a result our Honeycomb Stone Panels have good sales on the markets and our products have been exported to the USA,Canada,Russia,Germany,UK and Middle East etc.

We also work with architects,construction companies and homeowners to design and construction Stone Panels for wall cladding that exactly matches our customer's specific requirements.

Because of our superior technology,incredible quality and competitive price,more and more architects,general contractors,designers,engineers

and property owners of all over of the world turn to us and choose our Honeycomb Stone Panels for their projects.

Your satisfaction is our goal,we won't stop until you are satisfied with us.
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Honeycomb Stone Panels Description

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Advantages of Honeycomb Stone Panels:

(1). Real Thin

(2). Real Stone

(3). Real Strong

(4). Real Flexible

(5). Real Lightweight

(6). Real Energy-saving

(7). Real Economic and Easy to Installation

Maximal size:

Honeycomb Stone Panels can be made at any sizes up to 60" x 110"
Cutting tolerance about: -1mm~+1mm

Weight is about 4.6LBS/SF,approximately 65% less than standard 3/4" solid slab material.

Color Choice:

Can be any granite,marble,limestone,travertine,onyx,sandstone etc.

Texture Finishes:

Can be polished,honed,antiqued (acid),sandblasted,tooled,grooved,bush hammered,flamed for choice.

Corner and Edge Returns:

(1). Saw Cut Straight Edge

(2). Miter Cut Edge

(3). Laminated Edge

(4). Mitered Edge

(5). Square Laminated Corner Edge

(6). Square Mitered Corner Edge

Installation Systems:

(1). Interlock Clip System

(2). Aluminum Plate System

(3). Bolt Nut System

Easy to Installation:

Honeycomb Stone Panels can be installed directly over the existing cladding without the need for expensive demolition or reinforcing the building structure.They can be used over brick,metal,concrete,stuco and others.Installable using concealed mechanical fasteners or adhesive,making installation the easiest with no sweats,reduced installation cost and time.Estimated one worker can install about 1000SF Stone Panels onto wall within 8 hours per day on average.

Aluminum Honeycomb Panel-01.png

Special Structure:

Aluminum honeycomb panel is composed of one top skin sheet,one honeycomb core layer and one back skin sheet,its honeycomb core is an empty regular hexagonal structure,the air between the honeycomb core is divided and closed in cells by its top skin sheet and back skin sheet,which prevents its air cross-ventilation,so heat or sound outside is very difficult to convert and transmit to it.Because of this special structure,aluminum honeycomb panel is a good heat insulation and sound proof material for building construction.

01-G386-Bush Hammered Finish-office.jpg   XHSP-51.jpg

Honeycomb Stone Panel is a lightweight and very strong composite stone panel,it is extensively used for interior and exterior wall cladding.Once building is covered with it,the building looks elegant,luxury and grand immediately.That is why it becomes popular,more and more architects,general contractors,designers,engineers and property owners of all over of the world choose it for their projects.


For interior,Honeycomb Stone Panels can be used for interior wall cladding,for making table tops for home and restaurant,for making counter tops for luxury boat yacht,motor home,subway,train,aircraft and marine,for elevator's wall and floor,for column envelope,as background wall,as partition for restroom etc.

For exterior,Honeycomb Stone Panels can be used for facade wall envelope such as curtain walls and rain screens for commercial and residential projects,for govenment,for education,for hospital,for hotel,for villa,for retail as well.